Creativity is in
our DNA

Creativity is in
our DNA

RSB Insights & Analytics


For more than two decades,  RSB Insights & Analytics has built a reputation as a market research firm that offers creative insights that have a significant decision impact. We have worked on more than 750 projects with more than 50 clients that include some of the largest brands in their respective industries.

RSB Insights & Analytics offers a comprehensive range of services, solutions and products that empowers business decision makers with insights across their product / service life cycle for more effective decisions. We provide insights with a decision impact all the way from idea generation and concept testing, launch, post launch and through to maturity. Whether your are scoping the market for launching a new product or service, trying to understand your customers better, looking for ways to connect with your channels more effectively, looking for competitive insights or working on establishing the ROI from your sales and marketing investments, we are able to provide you with the depth and breadth of insights necessary to make confident decisions.

RSB has three core areas of expertise:


Our research services and solutions are focused on helping you strengthen your competitive advantage in your market place.

We specialize in taking cutting edge methodologies – qualitative, quantitative and data science – and customizing these for your unique needs. Our expertise spans across industries and through the entire marketing value chain.

Data & Analytics

For mature, data-rich organizations, we can leverage the available data in creative ways with our suite of analytical solutions to offer insights for more effective decisions. Our team of data scientists, software professionals and visualizers are able to work on a wide range of structured and unstructured data inputs to turn every available byte into an insight that counts

Strategic Consulting

We have expertise in going beyond research data and insights to help decision makers in our client organizations leverage these for effective decisions. Helping our clients align these insights with their business context creates a greater business impact for our clients from better informed decisions.

It begins with Creativity — we take every problem apart and re-imagine it so we can find the shortest, simplest, most effective solution to it. No hammers looking for nails here, because we believe every client and his problem is unique and all solutions have to be re-engineered to fit that unique need.

Our Creativity leads us to the insights underneath the information – which may be retrospectively self-evident, but nevertheless remains hidden without the help of a creative assembly of tools and experience at our disposal.

Our search for Insight in fact begins with the question: how do we make a difference to the client? Our philosophy of delivering into the last mile coupled with our creative approaches will ensure that every insight we unearth is relevant and impactful in some way.

20+ Years

20+ years and innovating by developing agile and dynamic solutions

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Global reach with presence in 4 regions - Asia, Africa, Europe and North America

750+ Research Projects Yearly

750+ research projects yearly across categories with industry leaders like Google, ITC, Marico

Tech Enabled Insights

Using ML & AI that enables sharper insights