Our comprehensive capabilities span all the way from traditional market research to advanced data analytics using the latest technology enablers and strategic consulting.


Our core expertise stems from a deep understanding of research methodologies and processes covering qualitative and quantitative research and breadth of experience across multiple industries, from traditional research to modern concepts, tools and techniques.


Our team of data scientists, data engineers, data visualizers and data analysts has expertise in the latest tools and techniques including AI & ML for structured and unstructured data extraction, transformation, integration, analysis and presentation, to enable access to dynamic data-driven insights for effective decisions.

Strategic Consulting

Our consultants are able to study and analyze your available data sets and new sources of data to draw meaningful insights in the context of your business, to guide you in making the best use of available data for impactful business decisions

Global Presense

Global Presence

We have a large global presence
and continue to grow our base year on year

20+ Years

20+ years and innovating by developing agile and dynamic solutions

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Global reach with presence in 4 regions - Asia, Africa, Europe and North America

750+ Research Projects Yearly

750+ research projects yearly across categories with industry leaders like Google, ITC, Marico

Tech Enabled Insights

Using ML & AI that enables sharper insights